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Lord Of Lies' Honest And Heartfelt Art

is the name of my artistic statement that theoretically supports all of my work, because whether it is painting, sculpture or performance art, i define all of my artworks as small lies that contain huge truths, as an example, the child portrayed in all of the paintings appears generating oniric and illusory images, better said, lies, but by making them visible they externalize his truest inner thoughts and reflections about the environment and themes that surround him. Such example is also suitable to my live performance art where the "disguises", which play the role of the lies, have also the complementary and opposing polarity of a truth-telling function since the man, woman and child triune are the appearences that most appropriately reveal my true and usually unseen nature, therefore as a result rises the constant fabrication of layers of deceit only fueled by a brimming core of honesty which in conjunction with the mind and soul will unveil the key to the truth.

RicHard MendTorr ( 16/9/86, Tijuana, México )

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